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The Apocalypse Chronicles – James Lloyd

The leader of the Christian Media ministry, the AC goes back to the early 1990's as a long running radio hour, which was originally broadcast on Shortwave radio. Now 2 hours in length, James is presently producing 3 shows per week. A prolific writer, James has a large volume of prophetic output. For more, see the bio page on our research website, which features hundreds of articles written by James Lloyd.

Christian Media Currents  - Terry Ross 

The 30 minute Currents radio show is scripted, and features primarily prophetic themes derived from articles written by James Lloyd. Terry Ross is a radio veteran who hosts the program on a weekly basis, producing the programs on a pre-recorded basis.

Defeating Diaprax – Dean Gotcher

Dean Gotcher is a published author and speaker, who has presented the truth concerning the threat of the Dialectic (which he has dubbed Diaprax, or the Praxis of the Dialectic) to assemblies around the nation.   His Institute For Authority Research features published articles on the subject, and his one hour radio program, carried on the Christian Media Network, is a crucial component to understanding Bible Prophecy. More on Dean Gotcher.

Sound Body – Susan Lenox

Alternative health authority Susan Lenox is a published author as well as a radio and TV host. Her Sound Body hour has been broadcast on Christian Media from the very beginning of the network. Susan also leads the Sound Body print ministry which features a printed publication, as well as supervising the Sound Bytes radio and Internet outreach.

The East Wind – Al Davenport

The 30 minute East Wind program is a commentary produced and hosted by long time Christian Media associate Al Davenport. Al draws material from news accounts and Internet data, bringing stories to the microphone which illustrate how we are living in the last days of this world.

Sound Bytes – Christina Ferrari

Sound Bytes is a 30 minute scripted health news program, which is an outgrowth of the Sound Body ministry. The program content on Sound Bytes is derived from news accounts related to the politically suppressed truth of concerning the corruption in the field of health and nutrition. Christina Ferrari is a professional media communicator, who works in radio, TV, and on stage as an actress. She also hosts the Divine Science Radio show on the and the