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Christian Media,


How dare you assume I share your values? Groups like your secret one are why people like me disavow our faith!  You can go to hell for doing this & I'm giving you the push that way by

reporting your hate filled BS to Google!


IpsoFacto via email


Bro. James:


Re.: your email earlier today "The Fishy Demon Fairy Affair," I ran across a video in July, ""Fossilized Reptilian Man and Mummified Elves Found"" (15:48 long), with lots and lots of photos of ""strange stuff"" in a private collection apparently dating back to the 1800s, found in the basement of a house about to be razed in Merrie Olde London Towne, a few years ago.  (A link to it should be below.)


Before I saw this video I had figured that all those kinds of stories among European folk-tales were due to warlocks and witches in centuries past imbibing whatever kinds of hallucinogenic drugs that may have traditionally used over there, and seeing the Medieval versions of "pink elephants"; AFTER seeing this video, I figure that there has always been some VERY high-powered witchcraft over there for many CENTURIES, so that even "critters" like THESE apparently have been able to be manifested from it.


And the Elites, as sick as they are, apparently have COLLECTIONS of this kind of stuff.


Too bad that Bro. Marzulli got conned on THIS particular phony "mummified elf".  But since the Lord DID SAY, that in these Last Days conditions are going to be like in NOAH'S day (Matt. 24:37), with the fallen angels teaching some real nasty tricks to any warlocks and witches willing to learn this stuff, and producing some really funky offspring from any sexual interaction involved, I do believe there may be REAL ""elves"", etc., etc. etc., out there; just as the Lord had me attending a Nigerian Pentecostal congregation up in Chicago, back in 2004-'06, in which the brethren there had had to deal with real shape-changing witches, literal mermaids and mermen, etc., back home in THEIR "old country", where VOODOO originally came from.  (And you can find a few videos online of dead MERMAIDS that have been found, TOO, dried out on the edges of rivers or wherever, like a dead FISH would be lying there in such places.)


VERY interesting times we live in, bro!


David Z, via email


James Responds: David missed an important point in the article (online at He references LA Marzulli as a "brother" when brothers in the LORD do not preach the other gospel of the Rapture Cult, as does LA Marzulli. In the Fishy Demon Fairy Affair, Marzulli was bamboozled by crooks seeking to sell a fake demon's dead body, and as the fraud came to light, all parties -- including World Net Daily -- dishonestly sought to continue selling the video of the supposed "archaeological find." Brothers in the LORD don't profit from dishonest marketing -- let alone propagate another gospel. LA Marzulli is a cheap climber to be avoided, as the online 30 minute audio portrait of him shows. See the episode of Another Gospel online at 


[Christian Media] Streamwars

RE: THE FISHY DEMON FAIRY AFFAIR - World Net Daily, Skywatch TV, Prophecy Watchers, and LA Marzulli Profit From Nephilim Hoax


Thank you James for sharing these truths


Jan N, Appleton WI


James: Wish we could be in more consistent contact. That does not seem feasible at this time for reasons known and reasons unknown to you. STILL having to deal with R. orders, lawyers, suits, and other assorted ne'er-do-wells. He seems to be focusing with more intensity, starting two months ago. He's really throwing everything at me now, except the... wow, there really did come the kitchen sink! I had to dodge it.


Still can't get hired by Uber, etc., because of jud. website, which suggests that I could be an aggravated stalker, and the charges were dropped. Criminal court will not state charges falsely filed. satan cannot admit ineptitude on his end. So have had to go around the obstacles and freelance drive for income for me and my son.


Mother fading fast, older sister passed 48 hours ago (drug casualty). As you know, prayer is the most expedient, so thank you. Much worse now, as I attempt to re-enter music industry. Thank Liam for this, as he insisted that I start singing again professionally. All only Spirit-led, which tells me we will be re-locating soon.


YouTube channel up for industry professionals, platinum acts, etc. Using industry referrals from industry professionals in or surrounding platinum acts, and no, I'm not auditioning for AC/DC. Beginning to get serious offers from world-class acts with large fanbases. Will not name-drop = stupid. Sorting and weighing serious inquiries, which are now coming quicker than I thought. Don't worry, no London. West Coast only, etc.


If you're curious, go to channel here:


Listen to Deep Freeze (Nuclear Winter), Queen of the Night, and A Million Miles Away. These are three-pass demos with one keeper. Demos, not tracks. All currently being re-recorded, updated, amended, etc. One of newer songs yet to be recorded will be lyrically included soon. International Star. You know the rest. Computer speakers suck, headphones only. We are praying and standing in faith.


Yours in Truth and Light,





Thank you for so much. The study you put in has helped so many look at scriptures in a new light. I have read Job 38:7 and it speaks of the sons of God looking on at God's creation. Then Revelation 12:4 tells us that his tail drew a third part of the stars of heaven with him. Then in Jeremiah 4:23-26 it speaks of an entirely different world of man. Isaiah 51:9/Proverbs 8:27,28/2 Peter 3:5 seems to indicate that there may have been a creation of man called the sons of God who were before the creation of Adam. I believe that fallen angels (stars) are not able to pro-create

because they are spirits. They are demons now. Genesis 1:2 tells us that what God had created has now darkness because God is perfect in his creation but we see now darkness.The earth may have had many destructions occur before Adam. Would this be something that you may look deeper into for I think there is something more to be seen here. I love you James and will continue to have you and yours in my prayers.


Vickie Jacobs, via email




Regarding you communique, when they complain of receiving spam from you, does the organization to which the idiots are complaining first inquire of the complainant as to whether they asked to be removed from the list and were not, or is it all just a self-licking ice cream cone where the idiots get on your list and then constantly harass you much like Wikipedia editing fights over fact versus desired narratives not aligned to facts?


Robert Walker, via email


Christian Media

Subject: The least of these


Just read your article for the first time. If I may be free to comment, it sounds like a lot of complaining. Haven't you figured out yet that the measure of God's work is not only what you do for him but also by how much the enemy resists you.

Blessed day jim


Eileen M. Kirt, via email


Many people who take the stance you do, as far as I have read, have trouble with both miracles today and trouble erroneously thinking the church has taken the place for God's promises to the Jews which have yet to be fulfilled. The Christian church has been grafted into the original chosen ones the Jews. They are not taking the place of. So if the fact that Sid Roth gets excited about the Jewish nation coming to faith in Jesus as a fulfillment of prophecy bothers you  then it might be because you place a little too much importance to Gentile believers. Check out this list of promises to the Jews. It is pretty good.


Marsha McClue, via email


Christian Media

Subject: Re: Christian Media Communique - A Desolate House - Daniel's Prophecy Of A Desolate House Is Doubled


I believe BOTH views presented in the article are incorrect. My book explains a new outline of the prophetic events in Daniel, the Matthew discourse and Revelation. What comes out is that ALL are only partially correct. The desolation event DID occur in 70AD, but the anti-Christ was NOT part of it. You have correctly identified the error, however, the error continues in the idea of a 7 year tribulation. Yes, you have touched on that as well, and that indeed is the root of their errors. In their attempts to protect the 7-year tribulation theory, they hold stubbornly onto whatever errors they have even when they are exposed for anyone to see. Don't make the same mistake!


Jesus  gave a detailed account of the events of 70AD AND also follows it with overlapping details of the events of the Church Age as outlined in Revelation (the Seals). Again, in order to maintain errors, they must make the assumption the Revelation events are future even though they can be easily understood as ""religious"" movements throughout the Church Age. A-mill's do the same by insisting the bulk of Revelation was finished in the first century.


Are there any truly honest ""thinkers"" or leaders in the Churches who will evaluate something that is different from their man-made theories and doctrines and give it even a second glance before throwing aside? NO.


Why would I say such a thing? Because finding the truth would then mean rejecting the centuries old teachings and traditions that have distorted the Bible's true message even from the Church itself. The Doctrines of Men have overtaken the Bible as the source of truth. ALL the churches are heading the way of Balaam and they will NOT listen or heed the warnings of dumb donkey.


John Hohl, via email



Subject: Christian Media Communique - A Desolate House - Daniel's Prophecy Of A Desolate House Is Double


Thankyou for such well written articles!


Cathy Bess, via email


Christian Prophecy,


Thank you Brother and Sister! My prayers continue with you.


Jeff C, Williams Bay WI



CMN James Lloyd <

Subject: Dirty Birds


Shalom James !!! Baruch Ha Shem Adonai !!!


My name given to me by my roman catholic mother is Thomas More.... Not my TRUE name though(I threw  that name in the trash heap the day I realized who that ""saint"" was....)  I recently discovered your ministry about 2 months or so ago and I am in total agreement with you... (Everything that you have to say is already in my heart)  and I believe I may have contacted you through my name Samataram...... (Aramian)...   I mentioned to you through e-mail or text message maybe about a month or so ago that I am currently engaged in spiritual warfare in Portland and Seattle

(respectively).... As I have been for at least 15 years on and off in this region of YAHSHUAS KINGDOM !!!....  The main reason I am contacting you has to do with your recent expose on ""bird"" symbolism... In PDX and Seattle right now there is bird imagery everywhere !!!  I am going to take photos and send you ""images"" of the bird propaganda(especially in the local ""left

wing media"", (pun intended) artistic prints, and just random ""images""... And send them to you which would be a great visual example for fellow believers as a follow up to your 'bird expose"" especially to show what's going on spiritually in the urban areas of the PNW.., and the world in general of course...    I know  this imagery is not only consciously propagandised upon the spiritually ignorant masses but more importantly it wells up from the godless , collective unconscious/subconcious) (Jungian terminology)  even more so....  ( I undertand how carefull you are about outsiders.... Insidious times indeed!!! ( I have lost EVERYTHING myself!!) All family and ""friends"" whatever that is....! I was raised in the rapture cult but all praise to  YAH HE never let me buy into into it, and revealed his TRUE LIGHT to me (2nd Corinthians 3.18 !!! ) (So excited!!! So happy!! WE ARE NOW THE SONS OF YAH !!!!  PRAISE TO 108 !!! 801 !!! No one but the

ONE... El Shaddai, Adonai, ELoyim !!!! Shalom Brothers..... -FOR OUR GOD IS A CONSOUMING FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PEACE fellow servant...


Sound Body Susan


Re: TMG in catalog


Greetings, I recently read an article on TMG. It stated that TMG  converts homocysteine into SAMe. Susan, can you verify this? I take SAMe 400mgs but it's quite expensive where as TMG is very affordable. I thank you for any input on this matter but know you both are very busy. I've been disabled since 2012, after 39 years of bedside nursing, but hope to be able to send a little support every month or two. I thank you both for your ministries. I pray that Almighty God will always hold His Hand of protection over you both.


Angie Richter, via email


Hello Mr. Lloyd:  I apologize for asking you this question, however, I trust your input as I have been a subscriber of your writings for many years, which should indicate that I would not need to ask this question.


In your October 25th 2016 Eblast you stated "We've already written of how signs have suggested it is Donald Trump who will lead the way in the healing of the Deadly Wound."

Can you explain that sentence to me further for my clarification.  Will you email me the written article that explains this sentence?  I must have missed that important information in previous correspondence.


I am of the old sect who read email articles only.....I have not established the ability to view your audio messages via computer yet.  I do not think my old laptop will support doing so either.

With the upcoming election, I feel knowing further info about the sentence shown above is important.   Thank you so much for your assistance.


Linda Wheeler, via email


James Responds: We're not in a position to email past issues, but most of the weekly Eblasts are adapted for the website (In addition to the alphabetical subject index called Snapshots, there are now about 500 essays online).  In the case of Trump, well before the election, we appear to be the only media that picked up on Trump's pre-election statement that Amrica's dysfuntion was "a wound" that is totally self inflicted, and "it's a wound that we need to heal." At the time, we took that statement as a sign that Trump would occupy the White House, and be the individual who is instrumental in the healing of the deadly wound of the beast, which is inflicted on the fourth beast of Daniel 7 -- and it's clearly America. See the Monster DVD which details the cycle.




Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - A Desolate House - The Doubling Of Daniel's Prophecy Of Desolation


Your identificacion of the symbols is in error...because Danie 8 = (when studied within the context of "the Day.Year Principle" in which a day or its equivalent in prophecy is understood as a literal year in history as such the 2300ev.morn/prophetic days(Gen 1) are 2300 years...and its starting point is found in the times of the first element in the vision which is the Empire of the MedoPersian Ram of around(a) 500bc





= then Dan 8 identifies The Empire of Rome as the Little Horn of Dan prophecies(aka the Beast or Woman.Beast/Babylon the Great of Revelation,  the last king of the North of Dan11-12, the Man if Sin if 2 Thess 2,...THE ANTICHRIST of John's epistles)..and Rome is then seen extending its power into the mid-Ages as OAOAL ROME....the same empire different phase!


And USA is symbolized by her right hand ..the. 2nd beast of Rev 13(THE LAMB-LIKE BEAST) AS HIS MILITARY ARM...(serving Papal Rome at her throne in THE UNITED NATIONS...which was created by her Jesuists soldiers for her)..


You want to know more if what this power is up to? it is=


God bless,

Nini Ram, via email


Christian Media


Re: Micheal Rood


He's never claimed to be a prophet, first of all, and anybody who identifies as a Christian is certainly many times more false. The things Michael Rood teaches can be checked through historical, linguistic, and scriptural research, while the Christians do not even know the history of their religion, the importance of Hebrew, and they isolate verses to try

and fit their denomination.






Re: The American Electoral Disaster


What is Christian about putting a buffoon who cares about nobody but himself in the White House?


mooneyfarm, via email


I would like to ask for prayer for my son in law Larry. He is currently in the hospital for circulation problems in his legs. The doctors are pleased with the outcome of tests that they have already done to help in determining how to proceed with treatment, however, he has other medical issues that hinder quick healing. But, we know that the Lord can heal all and that's what we are praying for. Larry and his wife, my daughter, Ellen are not believers. We are praying that they will depend on the Lord for Larry's healing and will also come to him for the gift of salvation!


Thank you for praying with us.


Sally Grady, via email


Christian Media

Subject: The Hour Of Temptation


You guys are idiots preaching hate and fear.   If there is any truth to the adage "wolves in sheep clothing," the so called preachers of this era are truly wolves.  Keep you stupidity and hypocrisy to yourself and take me off your mailing list


Emmanuel Ladalla, via email


James Lloyd


RE: [Prophecy] - Commentary On Trump and Twin Timelines


Woman hares , I wonder if you came out of a man 


Fara.Alli, via email


James Lloyd

Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - The Hour Of Temptation Arrives Twice


Great piece.


JT Barleycreek, via email


James Lloyd


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - The Hour Of Temptation Arrives Twice


Great article James! The Rapture Cult fails to recognize that if the Lord takes before tribulation, how would those who know their God do great exploits for the Kingdom of heaven? I pray you and Susan keep telling the remnant the Truth.



Chris DeSanto, via email


James Lloyd


It's indicative how the corporate latin american news (specially 'Veja' magazine and most of ""Church of Evening News"") pejoratively nick Trump as

"a man of dangerous rethorics, " judging by the individual who fed himself with corporate bs news, once such person denote such adjectives and



"Trump was elected by the white" (Multiculturalism and Race War) are among the most biased of the political cacoethes. This one is so ludicrous

because is evident the laziness of such persons, as they are incapable of checking the facts, even connecting the dots, because is so ridiculous they

keep repeating, "America is splitting." America is experiencing the renewing of the cycle ("The Deadly Wound is Healed"), as Mr Trump represents the vigorous impetous for new jobs and

labor fruits the machine longed, eager eagle again.


That's my brazilian impression.


Powered by the lukewarm compromising middle-ground consensus, this causes cultural mass media backlashes & blowbacks to propel the dialectical

"Falling Away" engine even further.


Brother Manu, Brazil


Dear James:


Please add me to your email, and snail-mail, as a recipient of your articles and information for Christians who are followers of Jesus Christ. I've been reading your messages sent to, and forwarded by my friend, Mark Simari. We share information.


God Bless,


Alain Arnould, via email


I really enjoy reading your articles they are filled with information that only a man that is filled with the Holy Spirit of God could ever write . I do have one question that I have always wondered about . Were is it we are supposed to flee to ?


Kevin Thomas, via email




Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Fwd: Christian Media Communique - Twin Timelines


That was a good read. Thank you.


Loren SmallDixon, via email


Dear James,


I want to thank you and all those who work in your ministry. Please continue to send the emails as I use them with other resources in my biblical study.

My income is very limited. After taking care of my mother, who passed away not long ago, for 5 years after her stroke required me to put gainful employment aside. Being almost 60 years old doesn't help. I am letting you know this brief personal history not for your sympathy but for your understanding my situation. The point being your ministry also has limited resources. I will tithe some amount (it will not be much) to your organization in the near future to help with those needs as it all adds up.


Again, thank you for the ministry. May God bless your ministry with truthful knowledge,


Brad Van Gorden, via email


Christian Media

Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - Twin Timelines Part II


Are you a perfect, and holy born again liberal servant of liberal God, or an ignorant confederate conservative covert reprobate bastard trying to be clever with your old fashioned conservative reprobate GOP knowledge? That's right some democrats and republicans are ignorant conservatives reprobate confederate bastards.


Your new job is to preach My born again liberal repentance to them conservatives family GOP bastards. I AM a liberal God!!!!  Not one of your covert proud conservative reprobate GOP old fashioned family gods. Now wake up unto perfect, and holy liberating born again righteousness for all of My enemies!!!!!


Chuck Gerarge, via email


Christian Media

Subject: Re: Christian Media Communique - The Tower Of Temptation




psaw@zianet, via email


James Lloyd


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] - Ministry Status Report & Commentary on Twin Timelines II


God bless you for your faithfulness to Christ and His Word. I appreciate your ministry and the message you bring to us.


Pastor Mark Handy, via email


Christian Media

Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - Part II of Twin Timelines


Identifying any old testament with specific current living people is the most laughable idea I have seen in a long time.


Den Garnham, via email


James Lloyd


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - Twin Timelines


What do I have to do to stop you from sending these emails? I've asked you at least once before. STOP SENDING THEM! You should never assume that people want the kind of emails you send en masse. They are a pesky nuisance for starters. Someone else must think so too because yours go directly into my spam box. I don't know where you got my address from but I certainly didn't give it to you. I will hope that I do not receive any more of your emails from now on.


Jo Sorrill , via email","


Dear James,


I have benefited from your ministry for many years, even in the days when I still had a house and disposable income. Though I have not been able to contribute recently, you and the ministry

remain in my prayers.  Thank you for your steadfast commitment to truth and for your unwavering, unrelenting, heels-dug-in and firmly-entrenched authority over your spiritual territory. Continue to "occupy 'til I come." Amen.


In Christ,


Althea England, via email


I want to thank you sir for what you revealed about the Hillabeast and the Old Testament King Jehu. Your description of Hilly standing next to Mr. Trump was priceless.

Thank you again Mr. Lloyd. Also, I had my e-mail address changed for security reasons a while back. I don't want to miss a moment of your revelations from The Lord.


Robert T, Toledo, Ohio


Hello Mr Lloyd: I line up with those older folks who are not skating through computer issues, I could tell you stories, but won't.  Yet I am answering your call for helpers, if you wish you could call 8 AM till about 8 PM and I'll be here.


Fran & Marsha, via email


James Lloyd,


Hi my family member! I want to say that this article is awesome, great written and come with almost all important infos. I'd like to look more posts like this .


Moncler Suit, via email


James, you referenced the ""DEADLY WOUND"" of the beast kingdom, spoken in Revelation, as spoken by Donald Trump,  to accurately refer to America. This is So far from biblical truth as it is possible to get. The scriptures Clearly indicate the beast kingdom in Daniels Vision of the Four beasts, ( Dan.7 ) as being made-up of the four modern Nations, the ""Lion"" ENGLAND, ""the Bear"", RUSSIA, the ""four headed leopard"", IRAN, IRAQ, KUWAIT, and SAUDI ARABIA,  ( the four 'original signers'  to the OPEC pact back in 1960/61 ).


The ""Fourth Beast"" in Dan.7, is discussed in Rev.17, as well as Dan,8 , and concerns the revival of the GRECIAN EMPIRE, (one of the first five, that "was, and is Not") at the time of the writing of the book of Revelation, during the Roman empire, (the sixth )


It is this "return" of one of the 'first five', ( the GRECIAN Empire, with its four Divisions ) that together with the former six nations mentioned, make-up the ten nation Confederacy, called the "BEAST KINGDOM" This kingdom will be headed up by Assyria, (the 'Eastern division' of the "revived" GRECIAN Empire, and deposing the other three as rulers, ( Macedon, Turkey, and Egypt ) and making them but ""puppet kings"", (as described in Rev.17 )


The "Wounding of one of the heads of the beast" Rev.13:3,  Deals with the present  SYRIAN CIVIL WAR, hat is going on right now !  ( and has NOTHING to do with AMERICA !!!)


I have been in ministry for over 53 years Now,(  that's almost as long as you are old ) and you have a copy of my book "THE RAPTURE AND ITS SEVEN DIFFERENT ORDERS" that I sent you about 3 years ago, and you promised you would read, (but I doubt if you did,  as I never head back from you ) So understand , that your article is not only misleading, but totally based on erroneous assumptions of what the scriptures declare, and although I agree with you that Most of Modern Day Christianity is heretical, so are some of

your assertions, ( such as your denial that the 'Confirming the Covenant is that of the Antichrist, who is the ""Prince that shall come"" )


I thought you needed to hear this, and you do not have to respond, if you don't want to.




Morgan Sorensen, via email

Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - There Was Given Unto Him A Mouth Speaking Great Things


Mr. Trump was right when he said in the beginning if  his campaing that he came to separate the wheat from the shaft. He has done just that  alright! all that shaft is with him. Everything that is false  is with him. Thanks for keeping me inform.


Ingrid Waugh, via email


Subject: Re: Christian Media Communique - There Was Given Unto Him A Mouth Speaking Great Things


Do not EVER send me another mailing. I want NOTHING TO DO with your POISONOUS, hate filled, crazy, lunatic Christian shit...ever

time you send me ANYTHING, I am going to file an official complaint with the federal government! You, your people, and your political views are

nuts, crazy, and so far from what Jesus Christ would have EVER condoned himself! I say this kindly...F*&% YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You a*)+%|#h are responsible for

electing that dickhead Trump...and he WILL be the reason for the demise of the U.S...and you crazy ass f@&*s are the catalysts! I say again....F&*%$ YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dave DeJulia, via email


James Responds: The previous rant is representative of many similar emails we received. Ironically, the essay which generated so much animosity sought to indicate the Trump movement is associated with prophetic events which are not necessarily favorable to the Trump agenda -- but many were unable to discern even the most basic concepts of Bible prophecy.




I am keeping you in my prayers and thanking you for keeping myself and many others in the 'know'.  God Bless You!




Mary L. Allen, via email


Thanks for the insightful info in your newsletter. I'm not a diligent student of prophesy but I've been thinking of the beast on which the Woman rides and the 10 horns that will destroy her. We might see a scene for some kind of fulfilment in the coming time. The 'church' will expect the beast to turn on the woman and destroy her. They will not expect a band of conservative, 'righteous' men whom they hope will restore everything. So the Trump phenomena and the incredible moves in political order going on in the world might bring a global effort of justice against

the despicable 'left' illumnati, Satanists and pedophiles and their puppets. Rumours are that Putin and Trump will bring down the New World order. You are right, the Christian church is euphoric. Could they see the 'whore' falling and celebrate but will have no idea who is bringing her down? Could Hillary also be a type of the whore?


Francois Labuschagne, via email


Christian Media


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - There Was Given Him A Mouth Speaking Great Things


You are very strange, and I denounce what you are saying.


Kimberly Isner, via email


Christian Media


If your are trying to say Trump is the antichrist....your are so false, anti-scripture and in the flesh with your discernment... such confusion does not come from God, get your act together


Russ Dizdar, via email


Christian Media


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - There Was Given Him A Mouth Speaking Great Things


What a bunch of garbage. He is not a Christian. Stop sending this rubbish.


Brett Harrell, via email


Christian Media




The text you are citing is Rev 13:5. Early Americans understood that beast from Rev 13:1 was the papacy, represented as an amalgamation of the four beasts representing the kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia and finally Rome which, as the little horn, it grew out of, in Daniel 7. The deadly wound was the Protestant Reformation and Napoleon's capture of the



The deadly wound had nearly healed as Evangelicals, ignorant of papal teachings, end their protest. To say nothing of the context as you apply a phrase to Trump (who doesn't seem like a Christian to many) is a failed opportunity to tell the truth.


Elia Ruhling, via email


James Responds: This is the classic historicist rendering found Seventh Day Adventist theology. It is false on multiple levels. Recent leaders in SDA, such as Doug Batchelor of the Amazing Facts ministry, have steered the other gospel of Seventh Day Adventism even closer to the Jewish Supremacism inherent in Dispensational thought -- even as the cult of Mormonism has done the same thing, with their doctrine that Mormons are descended from Ephraim. Look for all of the other gospels to continue to converge with Israel First theology, as the Little Horn state continues to grow in global stature.


Christian Media


Subject: RE: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - There Was Given Unto Him A Mouth Speaking Great Things


It is a shame that you call yourself Christian yet perpetrated evil words about another mankind created by God and Jesus Christ shed His precious blood for due to your political gain. You need to repent and think as God think about His creation . Get out of religious mode of thinking . It is not our place as body of Christ to take political stand in the name of Christianity.

Jesus is coming soon . Wake up Church and do the work of Evangelism. Remember God so love the world that he gave His only begotten Son. What have you gave other than hatred . We don't need this kind of attitude in time like this . Preach the Word .Pray for the salvation of the lost. God is love. Enough of you people perpetrating hatred. Call the lost soul to the Kingdom of God . Stop reaching for your personal agenda through this email . if you like,you may not send me email again . Preach the Gospel .


yejide ojo-tijani, via email




Subject: Re: Christian Media Communique - There Was Given Him A Mouth Speaking Great Things


If your into NATZI'S  he's your man ! Have you paid any FEDERAL TAXES ever?

Then stop selling hate!


Gerard David Jr, via email


James Lloyd


Re: Commentary On A Mouth Speaking Great Things


Brother James,


I am forced to ask myself, because you clearly aspire to be a scholarly student of Bible prophecy, but how can I take you seriously if you actually believe that Eve ate a piece of fruit from some tree?

Where are YOUR eyes to see?


Wallace, via email


Dear Sir,


I am trying to understand your apoplexy on certain topics. Are you afraid God is so weak that if you, or others, accidentally practice what you term Satan or Anti Christ practices of paganism such as  a Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, both, I agree clear carry overs from pagan tradition and lots of fun. God invented pagans after all as he did everything else on earth.


I don't need your discourse, though I suspect you will supply it. I just am hoping you will relate, if you believe, people will be overcome and God can not save them if they participate in activities that YOU identify as Satan activities. Note God has not identified them. you have taken it upon yourself to label various items this way.


For all we know, he is offended when people put themselves in charge of labeling. My opinion, equally valid as yours is that God cares more for people's kind behavior to each other. If someone goes around casting stones at others and trying to induce guilt and harm that individual may be more sinful in the eye of God. If God feels he is going to select people not because they are good, compassionate, and caring individuals but instead because they accidentally screw up and have a Christmas tree and violate a rule you have labeled as sacrilegious then I guess that is a God one would have to boycott as not being all good. A truly GOOD God would care more about intentions and how one behaved with other humans and one's deep moral intent.


I am pretty sure you have not had direct conversations with God so your guess is as good as mine. You just like to think your opinion is worth more. I would suggest you read Proverbs 16:18


Causing harm and unfounded mental anguish among your fellow humans is sad. Who knows why you are filled with such bossy, arrogant anger. I suggest you pray over it. I don't hold it against you, likely it has to do with the way your brain is put together or something from your childhood. I assume you try to actually do some good to counteract this bullying. Well, I hope so anyway.


20 years ago I spent 7 years working in India with Mother Theresa. She always said People either help others by doing charity or they sit around spitting out poison, to make up for not doing charity. Watch out for the one's who don't do good but think they say good.


I suspect she meant your kind of person but, again, I could be wrong. I just suggest qualifying your comments each time by adding But this is just my opinion, or Of course I don't talk to God, maybe he likes Christmas Trees?


Jesus of course wasn't born in December. Anybody even saying December I assume you tell them they are Anti Christ's too. Poor sods.  Actually, until the 4th century, Jesus wasn't born at all but the Christian faith was struggling and had to make Jesus more flesh and blood.


I am curious if you believe the communion wafer is actually Jesus' body and the wine Jesus' blood because you can find out for sure with a microscope but you would be too afraid to test your hypothesis. You would yell and shout and find a way to avoid doing this at all costs. God wouldn't be afraid. God is not afraid of anything. God loves everyone, no matter what. You see, God has faith in humans and doesn't dump them for silly human reasons like owning Christmas trees. Or other trivial garbage. God is all knowing and all seeing. You try to make God in some cheap human stupid YOU version and that is incredibly insulting. God is God. Don't cheapen him with your silly prejudices.


"If we but turn to God," said St. Augustine, "that itself is a gift of God." My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.

For those who feel their lives are a grave disappointment to God, it requires enormous trust and reckless, raging confidence to accept that the love of Jesus Christ knows no shadow of alteration or change. When Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy burdened," He assumed we would grow weary, discouraged, and disheartened along the way. These words are a touching testimony to the genuine humanness of Jesus. He had no romantic notion of the cost of discipleship. He knew that following Him was as unsentimental as duty, as demanding as love. My friends, if this is not good news to you, you have never understood the gospel of grace.


Patti James, via email




Wow, I thank you sir for your "staying true to the call" that The Lord put upon you. Hillary and Jezebel, Mr. Trump and Jehu, and the parallel of Rome and America along with Constantine and the parallels of himself and Donald. Thank you Mr. Lloyd again, The Lord is good ALL the time!


Bob T, via email      




Good day fine sir and thank you for sharing your knowledge and God lead Bible study and prophecy. I have listened to you for many years and have benefitted greatly from what you've openly shared.


I notice that you alway seem to have issues with various discussion group platform shutting down your mass blasts. The thing is with a platform such as a discussion group, ie. Google Groups, it isn't designed or intended for newsletter distribution. They are discussion groups. Some organizations have a free tier based on the number of subscribers to your list. It is designed and intended to be a one way communication system. This one is specific to sending out mass mailer. I imagine the issue though would be you subscriber number since pricing is based off of subscribers. Depending on how big the list is I may be willing to support it for you in whole or in part financially and through my time. Let me know.


Jon Molesa, via email


James Responds:


The groups function at Google (as well as Yahoo and others), does have a configuration which is specifically designed for Email only -- as a one way system to regularly distribute information to a group of interested parties. Jon is apparently reponding to various comments we've made indicating a clear bias on the part of Google against all thing Christian -- and the fact that they commonly label anything they dislike as spam is not dissimilar to the world's mislabeling of Scriptural truth as hate speech, or mainstream media's labeling of truth as fake news.  


The unsaved world, which we refer to as the Collective, because it is a body under the control of the twin principalities of Death and Hell -- defines truth as what they can agree upon. This is the result of the Hegelian and/or Marxist process known as the Dialog to Consensus. Conversely, God 's Word stands apart as absolute truth. Man's fundamental sin-laden attempts to diminish the facts through dialog has no impact on the truth, but it does impact those who participate in the process of dialog. The fact is, when we utilize the Internet systems known as email only groups, we are doing precisely what that aspect of these systems was designed to do. Indeed, we specifically configure all group activities so they are not discussion groups, because the process of dialog is the very mechanism which facilitates the influence and growth of the Collective.


Christian Prophecy:


Subject: Re: There was given unto him a mouth speaking great things


Disappointing, I didn't realize that Christian was synonymous with the KKK or John Birch!


Tallywig, via email


I may have inadvertently stopped receiving your posts, but now I don't. I ordinarily don't do anything with google, but will make an exception for


Thank you,


Mary Kennedy, via email


Re: The Communique


Just started getting these a while back (from this and another source). I realize you asked a while back for help with mailing but a couple red flags arise. At the bottom of the email it states ""You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "divinepropheticword"" group". Not only have I not subscribed to such a group, a quick search reveals that no such group exists. Quite irregular to be coming from CMN to say the least. Good intention on the part of a helper with bad tricks? Or, bad intention by bad people?

In His grip,


Dan in Kentucky


James Responds:


Our technical probes have established that Google unfairly blocks our materials using various techniques. At one point we found that certain Eblasts, were delivered or not delivered based on key words in the article itself. In cases where we removed the header which states Christian Media Communique, the same blocked Eblast would be delivered. On other occasions, some of our supporters who had gmail accounts found their personal email dysfunctional -- even though they had no involvement in our materials distribution at all. Several subsequent studies have demonstrated, to our complete satisfaction, that someone at Google regularly interferes with our utilization of their systems.


As part of our tactical response to this, and other brazen efforts at censorship, we have multiple email accounts, and multiple groups, on multiple platforms, that deliver our material to people who request it. Thus, the divinepropheticword group Dan references (as well as many other groups with various names) actually originates with Christian Media, as we do our best to fly under the radar of the Antichrist censors of our time.


Christian Media


Subject: [Prophecy] - Commentary On The 144,000


Thomas Jefferson (our third president) stated that the Book of Revelations was authored by a maniac. Looks like he was right. Cut me out of your future bullshit. I'm with Mr. Jefferson. You're with the Devil.


Stephen Garramone, via email



Subject: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - 144,000 Jewish Male Virgins?




Please do not keep mailing me. This is not what people need, people need to hear the Lord Jesus speaking to them in what they are facing today. Tell me what is the Lord Jesus speaking to you today?


Kenny Thompson, via email


Dear James and Susan,


Greetings to you as we move into this new measure of one year. Hope you receive our thankful donation. I am getting better from the violent drug reaction that afflicted me around the beginning of October. Also, with my precious son's help, I am moving through more legal challenges due to my wife. May God bless you and keep you both, and continue to maintain a hedge of protection around y'all, your families, your animals, and your ranch.


James, we are going on 21 years that you have been my earthly shepherd. I have raised my son in solid Christian teaching and faith, much of it in respect to the teachings that our King (at One with the Father) has Blessed you with. We both thank y'all again and stand by you in Faith.

Love & Much Light,


Courtenay & Liam, via email


Hi!  Happy New Year to you, Susan and everyone else at Christian Media! I have not been receiving any of your emails for over 2 weeks.  Thanks for posting the newsletter on the website. Take care,


Mary Maroosis, via email


Christian Prophecy


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - The Tabernacle Of David


As an adult, I no longer have an imaginary friend. I suggest you grow up, also.


Donald Hagen, via email


Christian Prophecy


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - The Tabernacle Of David


Take of your f&*%ing list f*$# face I don't want your sh&*%^ emails b*%$*^k


Ken Gregoire, via email


Subject: remarriage


Dear Mr. Lloyd


You have some great teachings; however, it has been brought to my attention that you may be in what God says is an adulterous marriage. Is that true based on any of the following Scriptures?


Rom 7:2-3


2 For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband. 3 So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man. (We know that proper hermeneutics says that these principles apply to both men and women alike.)


Luke 16:18


18 Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband

committeth adultery.


Mark 10:5-12


5 And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept. 6 But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. 7 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; 8 And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but

one flesh. 9 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. 10 And in the house his disciples asked him again of the same matter. 11 And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her. 12 And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery.


In Christ's Service,


Judith Brumbaugh, via email


Christian Media


Subject: &@%#&(+#




Victor Guyer, via email


Christian Media


Subject: Don't include me in your racket


Why did you add me to your Google group? I have a strong antipathy to Christians masquerading as Jews or claiming that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of Hebrew prophecy. I have removed myself from this group, and do not want to be proselytizes by "Jews for Jesus" or their ilk.


Stephen Owades, via email


James Lloyd:


Your an accuser of the brethren!  I have studied history and Doug Batchelor is dead on!!! It's ministries like yours that speak lies are why Christians turn away!  Your misleading and you are a false leader yourself and you need  to stop!!!!






Roger M Lund, via email


Christian Media


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - Part IV of Sequencing Salvation


Why shame Jesus? "Doth not even nature itself teach that it is a shame for a man to have long hair?" Look it up then look at the presentation of 'Jesus' in this presentation.


Kenneth Hare, via email




Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - Part IV of Sequencing Salvation


Clear as mud. If you can't explain your positions any better than that you had better quit trying.


Mike Kelly, via email


Chritian Media


Now that I saw it's you whom is blasting CMN installments, I am more

tranquil about where you come from. That group, one can just post his writings, maybe under revision, so others can read it and make comments on it, pls?


Lord rescued me thru Dana Alexander (Texas) who indicated Christian Media Network for the 1st time in my life. I want so much to collaborate with mr Lloyd in his research. My

mind is exploding lately. I have several manuscripts. I have distributed some of CMN books I buy long ago, have been fighting Social 'Mess' Media the yeshua heresy, clarifying the errors; among others. I have a baby child in Christ, he is Dan B. Parker from Hampshire. He is of essenes sect and fixed in 'ascencion' and ""eat light"". I have sent him various CMN's, incluind that one about "Supercedure" (one of the best).


I quit prebyterian church, I was diacon, they persecute me thru my weak, manipulated parents in order to disturb the peace at home, where I have the serenity to study&write. God has blessing me in understanding of spiritual matters.


I am re-reading ""The Sand&The Sea"". The greatest book (aside bible and 'The Way') I ever read.


Thank you so much y'all.


Manu Costa



To: heavenlywordsdownloaded


Subject: Heavenly words


Thank you for sending me the e-mails.....Love reading and studying the truth ....Right On....Sending Blessings to the group......


Myra Bentley, via email

Subject: Alex Jones


Not sure why he associates us with Jones as CM has been critical of him] he hopes someone gets raped ..thats what you support you f*&@#ing pig and he are both anti american ....infact why don't you and your lover alex come over to my house.....but like most big mouth arrogant commies don't have the nerve ....I hope you daughter or wife gets raped.... hows that sound mother ......thats what you support ....since he likes to say that about jennifer lopez ....I hope black liberals f*&$% your daughter because I understand she pulls trains for them anti american *&#$% bring it boy I will be waiting for reply you ignorant anti american twatwaffle 


Vincent Merkel, via email


Hello and God Bless


I enjoy your articles and yes there will become more attacks on Christians and the Word of God, as we have seen by the removal of the 10 commandments, and of course the fact that 90% of most so-called Christians do not follow the 4th commandment, "REMEMBER" the Sabbath and Keep it Holy, if any one where to search the Scriptures can only come to the conclusion that Sat is the 7th day, even the calender itself tells us so, and the Bible says "IF" you Love Me keep my commandments. and of course the rapture thing and as soon as you die one goes to Heaven, and it seems that everyone goes to Heaven according to the so-called funeral directors and just about everyone else, but just read the book of Mathew, Jesus talked about it a lot, "Sleeping" is the common word used in Scripture. I am a Sabbath keeper, not always, but studying the Word of God showed me that God wanted us to set aside one day as He did and it is the 7th day of our week, Saturday.


Cortland Butterfield  Vinton Ia,




I enjoy reading your e-mails once in a while even though some of them make little or no sense to me. Some are very well written.  I especially enjoyed the one about the constellations and Venus. James how do you know that the rapture is not real? I know there is no such word in the Bible but many still do believe in the rapture. I have had many dreams about people being supernaturally carried up into the sky with the assistance of angels.  I read anything I can get my hands on about the rapture.


I honestly think some people are in fact insane and out of touch with reality.  The Bible even says woe to those who call evil good and good evil so there you have it.  What kind of leaders labels a victim and a highly gifted person a terrorist or a criminal? I would like you to send me some important information regarding what you think happens to the gentiles during Jacobs troubles and if you do not believe in the rapture then what do you think happens to the wise virgins?


James, what do you believe about the wedding slaughter and why if you do not mind me asking and I was wondering if you know that the antichrist is here now and is Satan in a mans body. My friend who used to tell me he was in love with me says he is Satan.  I do believe him when he says he is Satan but how it all works is still a mystery to me somewhat.  Glenn told me he is karma and he is associated with the blood moons.  If the government would have helped me instead of hurt me tons of times I would never have met Glenn who says he is Satan.  Glenn is a serpent James.


Please let me know if you can send me some things in the mail if you want.  No pressure as I was just wondering what kind of spirit may or may not be operating in you. Your a very gifted writer but sometimes you make no sense to me..


Barbara Cizek, [self titled] mystic and clairvoyant, via email



Commentary And Ministry Status


I have so enjoyed these messages and been blessed by God through them . I always look forward to the next one!


Linda Viernum, via email


Do you have something that speaks to the thousand years mentioned in Revelations 20? I can't tell in the brochure if any of these addresses that. Also, I want to thank you for you explanations regarding the end times backed by scripture! I have never been able to ascribe to the rapture theory because of how the scripture reads, no matter what translation I get, but I think how can I be right in what I believe when so many think and believe the other!! I have so many loving friends that believe in the rapture. I was at one of those places when I received your last mailing and it refreshed my memory as to why I can't believe the rapture as it's taught in the churches. Thank you for your time and study of the scriptures!!!



Bonnie Freeland, vai email



James Responds:


The most difficult aspect of the millennial reign is reconciling the portions of Scripture that deal with the present reality of Christ, in which non-millennialists find support for their concept that the millennial reign is now, in the heavenlies. At the same time, the end of the age, and the Futurist prophecies which speak of the kingdoms during the Christian era (the lion, bear, leopard prophecies of Daniel 7 clearly prove Futurism) appear contradictory.  I have dealt with this in the work entitled The Double Day, in which we tie in the prophecies of doubling, which are related to the concept of two parts cut off, and one part eternal, as seen in Zechariah 13.


James Lloyd:


May the Lord Yahwa have some mercy on your soul if he chooses to. You are too old tho to be so ignorant. You judge Ben Yahwa ( Yahweh) who is trully God Yahwa's ( Yahweh's) son for going by the books yet you yourself write about plenty of scriptures, so you're a Bafoon. You're misled you book snake! LOL you thought I'd say worm? Naw because you're full grown idiot


LovesLand Yahwa Sara, via email


Dear James:  Thank you for all the good word you send me.  I read it all  and sometimes copy it to let others read it.  This is to let you know I agree with your teachings and

hope you will keep them coming to me.  Thanks again. 


Retta Stevens, via email



Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Communique - The Sand And The Sea Revisited


Just read Sand and Sea Revisited article. I have been looking at a correlation between Jonah and Jesus. When they found Jonah on the boat he was fast asleep in the midst of a raging storm. Jesus was asleep in a boat during a raging storm. Jonah in belly of fish three days. Jesus in belly of earth three days. I always wondered how they could sleep in that situation. After reading your article it is clear that they could sleep because they were in the faith rest of the spirit. The sea being the spiritual realm, they were at ""home"". Been a long time consumer of your doctrinal teaching and occasional financial supporter. Yours in Christ,


Tim Struble, via email


Christian Media


The church is not "born again Israel" physical, spiritual or otherwise. The seed of Abraham is not Israel, it is Christ.  The Jews have rejected their messsiah, he will deal with them after the church is caught away under the law. The church is not appointed to wrath, we are in tribulation at this time. But not the great tribulation which is called "Jacobs (Israel/jews)



Alas! for that day *is* great, so that none *is* like it: it *is* even the time of *Jacob's trouble *(ISRAEL, not the church, the church is NEVER called Israel); but he shall be saved out of it.

This takes place DURING the GREAT tribulation): but *I will correct thee in measure *(during the tribulation grace is over with, the law which the Jews love so much and

long for will be re-established.  The law is used for correction, punishment ONLY.  There is no salvation in it what so ever.), and will not leave thee altogether unpunished.

Sit down and study some more, it would do you good.


skinnyhcg, via email



Christian Media

Subject: Re: [Christian Media] Communique - The Incredible Rapture Trap


This is to James Lloyd..i got lost in this conversation.. I did a 4 yr study on my own about the Rapture of the Church at the end of the Trib.. where ive got lost is about Israel being saved..according to Paul they have to accept Jesus to be saved like any other heathen.. keeping the Law doesnt make them Saved.. i dont get what u are saying, it sounds like u are saying they are saved because they are ""God's Chosen"" then why did Christ come and die.. ..i know that that isnt correct.. but what u say does that tie in with the Rapture.?


I know a Jewish man.. his name is Adam. He is engaged to my daughter.. He hates God and Israel. U cant tell me he is saved!! and it seems what u are saying is that he will go to heaven anyways?? because Israel got saved back at the cross??  get real!! I do go to a church that teaches the pre-Trib.. in fact we are studying out of the book of Revelations on Wed. we are going vrs by vrs. and backing it up with other Scripture..not using something some one said.


i dont believe it they way they say it will i dont believe u either.. mainly i dont understand what u are Saying. there have been 3 raptures in the past..and seems to be 3 more in the future..and if u believe in the pre-trib then 4. the 70th week of Daniel starts at the signing of the Peace Treaty  between Anti-Christ and Israel


I dont believe in anything far as Lent.. we do celebrate Christmas and Easter. We only Worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Adam does Celebrate the Jewish Holidays.. He also celebrates Christmas with us and eats pork too..


Elaine Fuehrer, via email


Christian Media


Subject: Re: YOU ARE EVIL




Janet Bloom, via email


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - Part II Of Sequencing Salvation


*christian extremists are as evil as muslim extremists*

*Perhaps organized religion is truly the worlds v*


TS1052, via email


Subject: Re: [Prophecy] Commentary On The Incredible Rapture Trap


There are so many wild and crazy stories in the news lately. This world has gone completely insane.... What an amazing time to be alive.. It is difficult at time not to want to take sides but sit and watch as God's plan unfolds before our very eyes. As always you are all in my prayers.


This past teaching on the rapture trap was great. I too came to Christ in a very different way. I wasn't even looking for the Lord but one day I had this overwhelming urge to take a walk on our land in Rutherfordton. I found a spot up on a hill overlooking the Broad River and sat down. I thought I was there to pray for my kids when Jesus came for me. I did hear His voice. He called me by name.. I have never been so frightened. I turned and put my face in the ground.. again He called my name.. I cried out. "Jesus Is that you?" He told me to get up and follow Him. It wasn't long before He led me to you and Christian Media. What a wonderful and blessed journey this has been.


God Bless, Jan


Jan Stanford, via email



James Lloyd


Received the Video CD (Monster) you sent me. I apologize for my belated response to you, but please know that your generosity is very much appreciated. My gift to you was from a one lump sum payout that i received from my pension which i did not mention. What a blessing it was for me from the Lord at this time when i see a great many of the pension plans drying up.


I also thank our Lord  that gave me an opportunity to reward you in a small way when i consider the spiritual blessings i received from you over these approx 20 years. Will be praying the Lord will continue to bless you with continued revelation an spiritual blessings.


Thanks again brother James


Edgar R, via email