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Greetings, My name is Phillip Smith #94265. I’m writing to request a pocket sized Bible Old-New Testament. You would not believe the difficulties we are having on the yard to fellowship and read the word. When we take our big Bibles out there to the yard we get threatened by the C/O’s. They throw them on the floor, confiscate them and threaten to write us up. They never do thought because they know they are in violation.

But anyways a pocket Bible is easier to conceal. It would be a great help. A prayer would also be a great help. Thank you for your time and patience to read my letter and I pray you enjoy the rest of your Day,

Sincerely PJ, Indian Springs NV 89070

Subject:  Monster - More On The Beast In Bible Prophecy

You talk alot about what other people believe but you have not said what your position is on the coming of Christ is. I would like to know what denomination you represent.

Ron Davidson via email


James Responds: Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of letters asking for a statement of faith, or what church we attend, We’ve learned people are programmed to identify doctrine by association, and because they find the subjects we do cover frequently cause them discomfort in their relationship with various belief structures, they look for reasons to reject Christian Media. Thus, we never respond to such requests. 

Christian Media,

Woman Long Hair? Hi Brother James. I have noted, that many are now bringing up the subject  of the Woman's Hair is her Glory. They associate it with total control of the male  as a control factor, of Total  Dominance of the Male over the Female, My Question to you is, What is really the reason for the Covering of the Woman's Head called Hair in Reference to Scripture of the TRUTH – THE REVEALED WORD OF GOD? I once heard that it is relative, to the Fallen Angels Seduction of the Woman. I would like to hear your concept on this subject

God Bless your Ministry in Jesus Name

Sister Jan, Via Email


Christian Media,

Re: Dan Salmons,

I recently went online to look up Dan Salmons and came across your article referring to him as a False Prophet.  While you do not personally know Dan Salmons, He was like a brother to me and I have spent years getting to know him and he actually stayed with me for a long period of time.  My uncle was his closest friend and I assure you, Dan Salmons is a dedicated Christian and full of the Holy Spirit.  He and my uncle moved to Israel over 15 years ago and my uncle passed away there.  I have not heard from Daniel since, as he & I had a disagreement and I know I hurt his feelings...but, you shouldn't be so quick to judge him.  All of his writings were a bit hard to take and I thought they were somewhat bizarre at times myself, but in fact, he was way ahead of his time and now, we find that all that he had to say in his pictorial images are and were indeed truth.

You are more than welcome to email me back or call me if you so choose to discuss my friend. In Christ,

Nancy Portier, via email

James Responds: Dan Salmons is a Jewish Supremacist who teaches those of Jewish descent are chosen to be saved because of their Flesh and Blood genealogy. As the letter acknowledges, she defends him this particular False Prophet based upon her relationship to him – as opposed to the facts of what he teaches. We further note how the false spirit residing in Nancy manifests the very common effort to inaugurate a dialogue, in order to diminish the facts.


Re: Christian Media Communique - The Stream From Heaven

Excellent piece. Thanks. No reply necessary. DD

Duron Davis, via email


Christian Media,


Wait. That happens all the time. Never mind. Why don't you grow up? End times! PFFT! You're like the news media, peddling fear. We live in a golden age.

Arthur Jeremy Pearson, via email


RE: Mandela Effect and CERN

We appreciate all the work your ministry is involved with and have learned so much over the years. My wife and I are also Sabbath keeper. I have a question of great concern. It is the Mandela Effect and CERN. I have included a couple of links below for your review.


Jack A, Mountain View AR

James Responds: The CERN device is related to the supercollider project, which hurls sub atomic particles in the hope the collision will duplicate their faulty understanding of the “big bang,” and reveal what is called The God Particle – that which holds all things together. We are interested in this because in the Spiritual realm, Hot collides with Cold to create Lukewarm. Much of this data is addressed in the book The Triuniverse.


Christian Media Communique - Unclean Birds Of A Feather Always Flock Together

F*%+k off and leave me alone

Melissa Todd, Via Email



Thanks, James, for all of the research into early writings.  As a result of my earliest reading of the Bible at a very young age, there is no doubt in my mind about your stance concerning the current subject.  The ""last trump"" must be the last trumpet judgment!!!  Well, your research does clarify for me how the deluded can find fuel for their fire.  It's sickening to see how the public at large eats, digests, and spews out the doctrines of the rapturists, with no research whatsoever on their part.  Even worse, I'm sure that what is being forced on most in our country in the name of supposed "health" is actually the sorcery that is dumbing people into complete submission to the lies of satan.  I see it everywhere and am horrified.

Again, I prefer the postal mailings from you, as I don't see the internet being the way to go for the future!  You recognize the inherent dangers, I know.  Send a brochure of your more recent writings and/or DVD's and I will plan to send an order. In search of Truth!

Beverly, via Email


RE: Christian Media Communique - The Stream From Heaven

The flux tube is in use today in transformers or ignition coils that take a small primary voltage and turns ratio around a common laminated core produce a much larger voltage to the spark plugs @ 50K volts. The power of the flux fields of planets would be unimaginable!

Curtis M, via Email


James, I came into my room the other day and heard fema camps coming from one of your taped messages and i know this stuff is true and it just makes my heart sink for the beautiful family next door and the animals. What happens to the animals? i know that if and when all this happens i will have the strength needed by the Holy Spirit but thinking about the different scenarios that may happen my heart just sinks.

Pamela S, via Email

Hello James,

Thank you for your great article on the roots of rapture deception. May our God *?make you worthy of His calling and by His power accomplish every good thing you decide to do and every work of faith, so as to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus among you, and you in Him, according to the love of our God and Lord Jesus Christ.?* 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

Bill B, via Email


Hi, For 20 years i believed in alien life on other planets,i witnessed a UFO myself hovering over a chemical plant in 1999 and went to a talk by Col.  Holt about his UFO experience in Suffolk.I am also a christian believer for the same period & have had plenty experience of the Holy Spirit in my life and believe in the appiritions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjorgorje etc "The Father has placed me on this mission of being a Mediatrix between God & man".

She appeared to the visionary Veronica at Bayside USA between 1970-1994 and among subjects covered were UFO's. A couple of quotes ""UFO's as you call them are used by SATAN & other demons from hell as transports to confuse & confound mankind into thinking there is alien life in the universe the only creation of the Father has been given in the book of love & life"" (bible).

We are now living through the Book Of Revelations, these are the end times, ""in this final battle because of the sins of mankind there are many agents of hell now loose on the earth". There is our natural world and the supernatural Heaven, Hell & Purgatory.

The Devil knows his time is now short and so when the christian church is RAPTURED, news medias will report to those left behind that a mass UFO

abduction has occured to explain the disapearance of these people,covering up the Divine Act from you.And as in surveys at least half those surveyed believe in alien life, abductions etc thanks to the UFO phenomenon most will probably accept this explanation.

This and other subjects covering the end times can be found under directives on the shrine website the Warning, Great Miracle & Chastisements to come. As ever  in this spiritual battle prayer is key, please don't let the evil one fool mankind.

Regards John, via Email from the UK


Re: Christian Media Communique - Revisiting The Rapture

Frankly speaking I personally have no clue what you are trying to tell your readers in these  writings. I tried to make sense out of it, but to no avail.  Sinceirly and seriously I tried to read these articles, but I could not see any meaningful argument in them. All these names that  you mention have nothing to do with the subject you are dealing with.  It looks to me that you are more proficient in name calling, and putting labels on those who are different from you. Prove from the scripture your point, and show the others whom you disagree with from the same scripture why they are wrong. If dispensational teaching is wrong, if the doctrine of Pre-tribulation rapture is false, not taught in the Scripture prove it with the word of God, period!!  It seems to me that you are wasting readers time and simply adding to the confusion by beating around the bush, and not anywhere!! With all due respect  in Christian love

Bro. Yehayes, via Email from Canada


Re: [Prophecy] Christian Media Communique - Revisiting The Rapture Cult

It took years to get a clear enough understanding of the "Rapture Cult" to come out of it, but come out, I did! In the early '80's, I was sitting in a ""sun day"" church and the sermon turned to the Rapture.  I heard something that made me stop cold and realize that what I just head was not true!  The "church" was not without spot nor wrinkle (indicating holiness and purity), nor could it ever be without going ""through the fire of purification""....the Tribulation.  Just like pure gold or pure silver, the dross has to be burned off to be deemed pure.

Since that moment in time, I have spent years, hours, days and nightssearching scripture for the truth, and I found it.  NO SUCH THING AS APRE-TRIB RAPTURE! The truth is in the Old Covenant as plain as day IF one knows how to "see it".

I refer you to Numbers: 5:11-31 regarding the Jealous Husband.  Who is the Jealous Husband?  Who is the honourable or dishonourable wife?  What could be the reference to the bitter waters (can you say "Tribulation"?)  Read the Revelation of Jesus again in light of these scriptures in Numbers. What an eye opener!


Sue W, via email


RE: Christian Media Communique - Gog And Magog: The Flesh, The Blood, And The Spirit

Dear Mr. Lloyd, I don't know if this reply will get to you but I'll try. I appreciate your honest study of Ezekiel. Most people within the denominations have not attempted to look closely at the major and minor prophets, because "the  old covenant was done away". But, they have done themselves a great injustice because Christ told them that the Old Testament scriptures all testify of Him. Instead, the Christians have gotten swept up in the popular, herd mentality of thinking no further than what the preacher says, and they feel good about it. I want to recommend a good book to help your continued adventure into the truth. The Great Controversy, by Ellen G. White. Get that book and you will find that you and it harmonize on almost everything. And you will find guidance for your future search for biblical truth. Bless you, brother.

David Burdick, via Email

James Responds: The Great Controversy is a 7th Day Adventist work. Believers frequently mistake Remnant doctrine for 7th Day Adventism, which is a serious error. SDA is riddled with false doctrine, with particularly egregious error in the area of prophecy. The short version is found in the fact that, although SDA does not follow the Rapture folly, they are Jewish Supremacist,, to say nothing of the fact they unscripturally mingle Old Testament tenets with the New Covenant. A substantial refutation is online at under E G White, and the more recent piece on Doug Batchelor of the Amazing Facts SDA ministry.

RE: Christian Media Communique - Gog And Magog: The Flesh, The Blood, And The Spirit

Unsubscribe please, please, please for the love of God and fog

Art Velduis, via Email


RE: Presidential election

Hello Mr Lloyd, if you have time. I give US politics a half hour of so a day. Over the last 2 weeks I've had a repetitive thought of the Kennedy/Johnson ticket. Kennedy was electable and Johnson was not. Kennedy was temporary and Johnson was not and inaugurated enormous harm and Marxism to the US: the welfare state, Vietnam war (which destroyed a whole generation of traditional thinkers in their prime) and the non-profit status that destroyed what was left of the Christian Church. Perhaps ditto for Hillary/Kaine (Kaine=Cain?) Clinton is electable and Kaine is not, and he will become the new highly usable Marxist President.  Take care,

Fran G, via Email


RE: Christian Media Communique - Gog And Magog: The Battle In The Spirit

Dear Sir, Thank you for sharing this.

Kumar Singh Bist, Via Email from Kathmandu in Nepal


RE: Christian Media Communique - Gog And Magog: The Battle In The Spirit

Greetings, Allow me to suggest you add to your library on this topic works by Gary DeMar such as Last Days Madness. He also has number of good articles on Gog and Magog....from a historical context and not from a dispensational or sensational context. You can also view a number of videos on YouTube. Enjoy...

Dr. William Donelson, via Email

James Responds: Mr. Demar is a Preterist, whose work has deceived many people. Dr. Donelson saw aspects of the article on Gog and Magog, which are also seen in Preterism - the doctrine which claims the Tribulation occurred in 70 AD. Some so called “full Preterists even claim Christ actually returned in 70 AD. Even though he is aware Christian Media has repeatedly shown Futurism is valid (the doctrine which sees many prophetic events are still to come), he is deceitfully seeking to point us to Demar’s False perspective, apparently in the hope of persuading us to his apostasy. 


RE: Buffering

I just wanted to thank you for helping me fix the problem I was having with your website. Joshua was very kind and professional. It's great to watch again! Thank you,

Carol B, Via Email


RE: - Ministry Status Report

The Lord has truly led me to your ministry.... I am currently engaged in direct spiritual warfare in the Portland and Seattle area against prophets of baal... The subject of the media you have sent me today is very appropriate to what I have been witnessing! As you know... HIS timing is PERFECT!!! Shalom Thomas

Thomas M, via Email


RE: Christian Media Communique - The Rapture Cult Revisited

OUTSTANDING!!!  Keep it coming

Mike Warnke, Via email


RE: Your note

Thank you James and Susan !  I feel the urgency and the care you are putting in your ministry * God Bless* 

Cathy B, Via Email


RE: Christian Media Currents

Please send me the printed version of Christian Media Currents to the address below. I will send a monetary payment for any future printed copies.  Thank you.

Linda W, Angier NC


Dear Mr. Lloyd:

Pardon me, for previously requesting printed newsletters and not forwarding a reasonable contribution.  I suppose I must be in the 'indecisive and hardened of heart' crowd. Apologies, I should have considered that paper printings cost real money, and non-contributors bleed away funds.

Again, please accept my apology. But, before I close, let me made one thing very clear.  I am a firm Rapture Believer. Sincerely,

Terry Wicker, Erwin, NC

James Responds: For the record, we deleted Mr. Wicker from our distribution list, as he honestly indicated he is not as interested in the truth, as he is in continuing to be a “firm Rapture Believer.” 

James Lloyd:

My names is James Lincoln Smith, I would greatly appreciate receiving  copies of Christian Media Currents and Apocalypse Chronicles . Please add me to your mailing list.  Thank you in advance for sharing this information with me. Regards,

James S, Beachwood OH

 I am a brother in the Lord Jesus and when living in TN had no problem by police or government. Here in IL have had issues with obtaining a DL. I feel the Beast system is more up north than down south. I am disabled but have enjoyed my freedom of driving around till now. I believe I may lose my license simply because I could not pass the Beast System State test. I realize I am not the only believer experiencing this issue. I feel the tests are a waste of time just for obtaining a right to drive.

Not many challenge this issue in Christianity anymore. It is as if it is a sin not to have a license to drive. Maybe the Lord doesnt want me to drive it seems? Since my mom died several months ago things looked bad for me but then I noticed God was still with me more now than ever. God has helped me to get a job for now. Maybe to shut up the Beasts and obtain a license?


"Two Raptures - Pre and End Trib", Revelation analysis shows Pre-Trib promised in Rev. 3:10 exists in Rev. 12:5, the 7 year Tribulation starts in Rev. 13 through 19 which is 7 chapters, the 3.5 Great Trib starts with Rev. 16:18-19, and the End-Trib rapture described in Matthew 24 must occur during Rev. 19 for most living Christians to participate in the marriage supper of the Lamb. The Great Trib will humble most denominations that survive indicated by mention in Rev. 17:5 to become loyal to Jesus first instead of pastors first and obey Rev. 18:4. I am less certain on this question - the application of the 10 virgins test implies it might still be possible for some Christians to fail to go to heaven end-trib. So does that mean there will be Christians on earth (10 virgin test failures) Post Trib and onward?

In any case to prepare for the Great Trib. one should gather plenty of resources to be self sufficient after the world wide earthquake for at least 3.5 years since all cities falling implies at minimum no

infrastructure - roads blocked, no power, water, or other utilities and as it affects all cities, you can't expect aid from another city. As for me, I am aiming for the pre-trib but I am happy to offer advice for those who expect to be left behind. After the pre-trib happens I think most Christians will have 3.5 years to prepare for the world wide earthquake. After that it will be harder to buy anything. If anyone wants my guess on the years just ask.

Kirk F, via Email


Hello from Florida,

I got my first reception of the article Tower of Temptation (I guess it got delayed or didn't come through earlier in the week and Emailed you to re-send it.) Thanks fir it!

I just now Google-blasted the article to my two groups: cm140 and cm141.I also just received the second round (article of same) to be sent today (received just now)but since I just sent out the first one I will hold on sending the second one.

I forwarded the article to my Gmail accounts from my regular Yahoo which is where you sent it to me...the forwarded articles showed up in both my Gmail accounts in the Spam box. I guess Gmail sees my own Yahoo account as spam??

The programs are very good reviews and clarifications on topics you have been going over for years and thanks so much.

I'm certainly having my issues with family members: the most recent: yesterday (being the feast of the tabernacles and Jewish new years.My father and sister are locked in tight with the Arnold Murray Shepard's Chapel gospel. It's not only the serpent seed that is taught, but also adherence to the feasts. When I wasinvited over to celebrate communion I had just been watching your recent Tower of Temptation program where you pointed out where it is said that Christ causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease. I imagined how if I went to my parents and sat with them celebrating with the (now deceased) pastor Murray spirit in the room urging allof us to cling to the flesh and law thinking that we're doing good...but saddening God.

I gave a quick reply to my sister about how if you live by the law you will be judged bythe law and how her pastor is mixing the old and the new and said she shouldn't do that. She comes back with "what about the new testament?"

Taking communion to recognize what Christ did for us shouldn’t be bad???

How can I say to someone NOT to celebrate such a thing? I can only go to how Christ hastranslated us to something better than the old. And I often thank God for that. I did not go to the candle lit ceremony at my parents and sister with the kosher wine etc. I pray for you too sir, as the spirits swirl around trying to block the light of the Lord.

Roger S, Via Email

James Responds: Roger is part of our volunteer program sending out Christian Media materials over the Internet.  He has family members who follow Arnold Murray’s version of the Lost Tribe heresy.


Christian Media, Thank you for the message, I will have a look at the article when I get a chance, thank you. I do not know much about Sid Roth but I find it very unlikely that he is born again. The vast majority of Christians are on the broad road, and that is especially true of famous Christians, or TV personalities. And for another thing, Mr Roth regularly invites all kinds of false Christians onto his show. If he was born again, he would surely see that they were false.

However, you warn against 'Messianic Judaism'. As a Zionist myself, I must disagree with this. I am yet to see anything in the Bible which says that God has forsaken the Jews, or broken His Covenants with them, or that they are no longer loved by God. On the contrary, the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, says that the Jews are special to God and they will be saved. If you know of any Scripture which says that God has forsaken His beloved people, the Jews, then please tell me. But there is not one. Romans 11 is absolutely clear that the Jews are special, and they will be saved one day. Paul said that salvation is 'to the Jew first and then to the Greek'.

You are surely incurring God's anger by claiming that He no longer loves His beloved people Israel and that they are no longer first in His plans. you have been taught does not come from the Bible, it comes from Gentile ""church"" religion and ""Christianity"", which is a false religion that has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus at all. ""Church"" is a very dangerous religion which fills men's minds with false doctrines, and I thank God that I got away from it. Church teaches false gospels which do not lead to being born again and genuine salvation, only to religion and sin.

In the very near future, I am about to upload a series of teaching videos which warn against false "church" doctrine, and present the true Gospel, so if you wish you could subscribe to my channel.

Lee Bee, Via Email

James Responds: Lee is a Jewish Supremacist who is in grave peril as he is following Another Gospel. He says  “I am yet to see anything in the Bible which says that God has forsaken the Jews, or broken His Covenants with them,” evidently missing the LORD’s promise to make a New Covenant with Israel:

“Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them” (Jeremiah 31:12).

He also missed Christ’s statement: to the Jews:

“The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof” (Matthew 21:43).

Genuine believers never teach “that he no longer loves His beloved people Israel,” as stated by Lee and most Jewish Supremacists who commonly misrepresent New Testament doctrine, in order to attempt to reclaim primacy in God’s plan because of their Flesh and Blood. The New Testament tells us that “Israel” is a Spiritual body, with no Flesh and Blood component whatsoever, and those who teach otherwise have are following Another Jesus.

Further, the same book of Romans, twisted by this liar, teaches us that under the New Covenant , the very concept of a physical Israelite is now invalid, as the only real “Jew” is a person who has been circumcised in their heart.

“For he is not a Jew, who is one outwardly…But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly” (Romans 2:28, 29).

The author of Romans goes on to say those ”who art  [erroneously] called a Jew [counting on their genetic heritage] …the name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles through you, as it is written” (Romans 2:17, 24).


Christian Media Communique - The Tower Of Temptation

F#%*k off, for jesus

Jonny H, Via Email


RE: Christian Media Communique – The Tower Of Temptation

Yes, I would like the link to view the videos. I have been telling Orthodox Christians for years that Daniels 70 weeks prophecy was fulfilled 490 year straight from Artexes decree to rebuild Jerusalem, with no 2000 year gap. But there are things still I wish to understand concerning the timeframe ending with Stephens stoning and Paul and Barnabas beginning their ministry to the uncircumcised. I do not believe the 70th week is about the Antichrist taking a seat in the temple with 3 and half years peace and 3   and a half of tribulation. I believe we have been in the trip dilation period since the time of Pentecost. But I am no scholar. I also am no hacker. I been trying to get my family to see that there are many false doctrines in all Orthodox Christian churches. I was raised Lutheran and went to Zion Lutheran School in Monroe Michigan. Most of them now think I'm crazy because of position against infant baptism, transubstantiation, Daniels 70 week prophecy, or even a place called hell, as well as the Trinity, rapture, also tithing.

Bruce E, Via Email

RE: Christian Media Communique - The Nephilim Stratagem

Please remove me from this weird site. Whoever is writing a lot of this stuff is smoking something I'm sure of. It just perpetuates a terribly twisted and warped interpretation of scripture, and has taken far too much liberty in reading their own biases and hatred for mainstream Christianity. It is one of the weirdest articles I have ever read and deemed to be way out there in its theology and interpretation. Please don't send me any more of it.

Holy Trinity Church, Via Email in Canada

RE: LAa Marzulli

La Marzulli  is sincere/loves  the Lord and spiritual warfare is real so you really need to do some more research/read the Bible because many will be deceived.  Maybe you are jealous of his success and the attention he is getting? Jealousy is a sin just like gettin drunk, coveting/greed,being mean,gossip and yet those sins  harldy get confronted because abortions/homosexuals get so much of the focus so read 1 Corinthians 6:9-12...Luke 13.

Billy, Via Email

James Responds:

L A Marzulli is a Rapture Cultist who has been told the truth and rejected it.


Christian Media Communique - The Stratagem Of The Nephiliim

What you are teaching is called Replacement Theology. God help you! Repent!

The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans: I ask then: Did God reject his people? By no means! I am an Israelite myself, a descendant of Abraham, from the tribe of Benjamin. God did not reject his people, whom he foreknew.

So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace. Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.

If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild oliveshoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, do not consider yourself to be superior to those other branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you. You will say then, Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in Granted. But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but tremble. For if God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either.

After all, if you were cut out of an olive tree that is wild by nature, and contrary to nature were grafted into a cultivated olive tree, how much more readily will these, the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree! I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in, and in this way all Israel will be saved. As it is written: The deliverer will come from Zion; he will turn godlessness away from Jacob. And this is my covenant with them when I take away their sins.?? Romans 11:1-2, 5-6, 11, 17-21, 24-27

Laura Gordon, Via Email

James Responds: In more than 20 books, hundreds of broadcasts, and dozens and dozens of articles, I have taught the body of Christ is not the so called “Church,” but is a Spiritual form of Israel. The most fundamental definition of “replacement theology” goes back to Augustinian writing  in a book called The City Of God in the 4th century AD. The Catholic Augustine posited the “Church” replaced Israel, so the term “replacement” is inaccurate in this instance because we teach there is no such thing as the “Church” (note the capital C indicating a proper noun) in the first place. Thus, the “Church” cannot replace Israel since there is no Church. The English transliteration of “church” (note the small C means an assembly, and it is a generic term which requires a modifier to denote what assembly. Although Laura was undoubtedly taught the lie that God will yet universally save physical Israel, she has now read the truth, rejected it, and inserted a lie in its place.

Ironically, the ultimate “replacement theology,” of which she is willfully ignorant, is the Jewish Supremacist doctrine which subtly replaces Christ with “the” Antichrist in prophecies, such as Daniel’s 70 weeks in Daniel 9.


Christian Media Communique - The Stratagem Of The Nephiliim

Can not happen, Jesus taught HIS disciples clearly that a "spirit" (fallen angel) did not have flesh and bones as HE did in HIS Resurrection... There is an easy explanation but most rather like the lustful fantasy of fallenangels having babies like with Rosemary.... What Junk!  Best Regards,

 Ken Smith, Via Email

James Responds: The “easy explanation” is the view the sons of God who married the daughter s of men were the descendants of Adam and Eve’s third son, Seth. This led to the Sethian heresy of the Gnostics, which we have now proven are the progenitors of the Rapture Cult. For details, see The Culting Of Christianity.



Subject: SAD

Jesus said.....They (the world) will know if you are my disciples if you have

love one for another. Your time would be better spent loving these so called false prophets and AntiChrist back into fellowship. Paul said that If a brother is overtaken in a fall, ye which are spiritual (in right standing) should restore such a one in the spirit of meekness considering yourself.

Instead, you are following your own Gospel which is not from God, persecuting brothers and others that are doing the work of the Father.


There will always be differing opinions but we are all on the same ground beneath the cross and only Jesus is raised up in the  wilderness for us to see and worship. The Apostles Peter and Paul had disagreement but they put it aside for the advancement of the Gospel. How are your prognostications and obfiscations of the whole of the truth regarding these men advancing the Gospel and bringing people to our Lord? Remember that you will be given the same measure of judgment you have weilded out to others.  My prayer is that you would put down the sword you weild towards other believers and take a look at yourself as their are NONE righteous No, not one. If you live by the sword you will die by it. Satan wants us to fight each other so that we will use up all our energies among ourselves rather than against HIM the true enemy.


Mark, Via Email


James Lloyd - RE: Kent Hovind

I have always felt you ignore my emails and why?  I am not sure, should I be offended...Yes!  But I let it go.  I have always supported your ministry in donation over and above orders and felt lead to send you $$ last spring.  It would be stupid of me to support someone who will not even respond.  But you treat me as if I am against you.  I would like a response to this Question !  What is your opinion of Kent Hovind and his situation at this time?   Please go to the link below. 

I understand that there is something to the dialectic process in how the world operates, but where you are very confused is, this is not how we operate with one another in the body of Christ (the elect).

James, you have taken this "diaprex" way out of line and is a rabbit trail !  When you cannot answer a simple (not to corner you) question !  and is absolute nonsense on your behalf  and what you accuse others of you do your self. Look at it like this: When peter came into the room, Jesus asked him a question  !!  " What thinkest thou, Simon[?] of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute[?] of their own children, or of strangers [?] How did Simon answer, Did he say Lord you are asking me to enter in to Diapraex with you, which is something I can not and will not do?

Now the Pharisees on the other hand did try and get him to enter into dialectic process on many occasions to corner Him !!  If you don't understand this response, after over 20 years of standing in your support (for the most part) don't waste your stamps.  In the truth

Keith B, Via Email

Mr  James Lloyd

Please do not lose your time analysing prophecies that you never know and you never wrote. Thoughands of years has passed and you are not the one that is going to fix world problems with your analysis. Instead Question why does God let the world alone as an simple experiment to see what happened. Regars

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RE: The Little Horn Confronts The Pale Horse

Is this Christian Media Network or Jewish Media Network?   This missive is wacko.  Are you Jewish?  

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