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Christian Media has sought to provide an avenue for independent voices that are seeking to broadcast a message consistent with the calling the LORD has placed on our lives. We know what it's like to try to reach people with a message the organized church resists.

To this end, Christian Media has developed several programs for ministries attempting to move into radio. Even if your program is inappropriate for our radio broadcast schedule, we presently provide Internet streaming for others in non-mainstream broadcasting. Most recently we have moved into video streaming, televison on the net, and offer services in this arena also.

Furthermore, we are heavily involved in direct mail in several arenas. There are significant numbers of Americans that know something is very wrong with mainstream media. Some have discovered Christ and others have not. Many, many people recognize a multi-generational conspiracy to bring about a tyrannical one-world order. The resistance to this agenda is loosely called the 'Patriot Movement', or the 'Constitutional Crowd', and we utilize this "Patriot" arena to reach many disenfranchised people with the Gospel.

We are also working in the alternative health field as hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of people are aware that the multi-national drug cartels are not the South American gangs, but New York Stock Exchange pharmaceutical firms bent on extracting your last dollar through drug dependency before they 'pull your feeding tube.'

Because of these conditions, and our commitment to oppose this multi-faceted evil, we are willing to try and help you develop your media activities in print and in radio. To find out more about this, please send an email describing your vision to and we'll have someone get in touch with you to explore the possibilities.