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Knowing that many of you get instruction from our radio teachings, we've had quite a bit of feedback from those who are having problems listening to the radio streams, so I wanted to address the status of our radio networks.

When we moved to put embedded audio players on our websites, we had not counted on the fact that many of our listener's computers are older, and some are unable to properly read the computer code which makes the player come up on your screens when you visit the website. Thus, we've tried to keep a link for the streams which can be played on whichever player you prefer.

Here are 5 Christian Media Network streams, plus the two streams for our alternative network, the V Channel.

CMN 16 Bit stream
CMN 24 Bit Stream
CMN 32 Bit Stream
CMN2 32 Bit Stream
CMN3 32 Bit Steam
V Channel 24 Bit Stream
V Channel 32 Bit Stream

What many don't realize is the fact the radio streams are on servers which are independent of our websites, which means you can listen to the streams just by booting the players (Winamp, Windows Media, VLC, etc), instead of using a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) to open the stream. If you have a player installed (we still prefer the Winamp Player), all you really need is the stream link. In most cases, you start your player, hit file and/or Add URL to paste in the stream address, and the stream will start to play.

In many cases, if you simply click on a stream link, your player will auto start.

We prefer the standalone players such as Winamp or VLC to Microsoft's Windows Media Player because they've easier to use, but Microsoft's player is usually pre-installed on most Windows computers, so we'll tell you how to access the streams with their player as well.

To install Winamp, go to

To install VLC, go to

If your player is installed and still won't play when you click one of the streams, simply bring up the player, then for Winamp, Hit File, then Add URL. Then cut and paste one of the stream links into the window, and it will play. For the VLC player, hit Media, then Open Network Stream, and paste in the stream address.

If Windows Media Player is installed, you can bring up the stream by putting in the stream address in your browser (Explorer, Google Chrome, etc) with a simple change to the stream address. WMP adds the prefix mms:// (instead of http://) and it adds /; to the end. So the CMN3 32 Bit Stream would be mms://;

We hope you'll avail yourselves of the significant effort being made to present Bible Prophecy in a radio format that is instructive and interesting. Please keep us in your prayers and remember us in your gifts and efforts to spread the unleavened truth to a world that is rapidly running out of time. Our Blessings to you and yours.

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