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James Lloyd is the founder of the Christian Media ministry. James comes from an entertainment industry family with a father that was an actor signed to Columbia Pictures and a mother as a professional vocalist that toured with Les Brown (and his band of renown). James worked in television production writing commercials and scripts.

He later moved into Executive Search as a recruitment agent working within the audio and video industries. During that period, he founded a Christian record label and produced records for the contemporary Christian music field. He produced the first Carman album.

James wrote several books on Christian music, and began publishing Christian Media as a newsletter in 1982. After 20 years of studying Bible prophecy, he wrote Beyond Babylon--his first prophecy book. The book was followed by the publication of The Apocalyspe Chronicles, a prophecy newsletter first published in 1992. Since then, he has written 30 small books, edited and written dozens of articles for both periodicals, and launched a daily Bible prophecy broadcast called The Apocalypse Chronicles.

He began the Christian Media Network in 2000 with his beloved bride Susan, and the Internet daily newspaper ChristianMediaDaily.com in 2001. 

Prophecy Writer
31 small books called ProFiles, on many prophecy subjects -- (latest is The Spirit Of Antichrist)

Blood Beast Of Babylon
Chuck Smith & Calvary Chapel: Sound Doctrine or Strong Delusion
Christianized Psychology?: An Expos� Of Integrationist Theology
Chupracabras: The Devil�s Genetics
Days Of Future Past: The Preterist Apostasy
Deadly Medicine Of Dr. Bill Deagle
False Prophet & The Image Of The Beast
Hank Hanegraaff & The Christian Research Institute
King James Controversy:Which Bible Is The Word Of God?
Liars For The Lord: Chris & Sharon Blodgett Story
Lion, The Bear And The Leopard
Lying In Laodicea: Rapturism Unmasked
Many Lies Of Bob Larson
Postacy Club/The: A Critical Examination Of That Bunch In Topeka Kansas
Print & Radio Pitfalls: The Corruption of Christian Media
Queen Of Heaven
Rampaging Planets Rapture Cult: Dishonesty In Dispensationalism
Recognizing Christian Identity
Remnant Of Israel/The
Shortwave Wars Vol I-III (Genesis, Republic, Heritage, Amerinet, Truth Radio, etc)
Shortwave Wars Vol II (Liars For The Lord - The Chris & Sharon Blodgett Story)
Shortwave Wars Vol III - (Brumbaugh, Lankford, Paugh, Mack, Genesis, etc)
Seventy Weeks Of Daniel
Saturn: The Shield Of Solomon
Speaking The Sacred Name
Spirit Of Antichrist/The
Waiting For Leviathan
Where Angels Dare To Tread

2 full length books including Beyond Babylon: The Last Week Of the World
New book: Nehemiah: The Pre-Messiah

Websites -
Christianmedianetwork.com (Broadcast Streaming of Network)

Christianmediadaily.com (Daily News Update)

Christianmediaradio.com (CMRI website for international broadcast)

cmediaresearch.com (Archival - 100 articles online)

Soundbodycm.com (Health & Survival Oriented)

Writer & Publisher - Periodicals
The Apocalypse Chronicles - since 1992
Christian Media: The Newspaper since 1995
Christian Media CURRENTS - since 2002
Sound Body (newsletter) since 2003

Editor & Publisher
In The Beginning - Immanuel Velikovsky
The Dark Age Of Greece -    "
The Assyrian Conquest -     "

The Formation Of Israel -      "
The Recent Organization Of The Solar System - Donald Patton
The 144,000 & The Multitude - Sue Patterson

Host & Producer
The Apocalypse Chronicles (daily prophecy)Radio Broadcast since 1995

Creator & Producer Radio Programs

Christian Media Weekly
The Threshing Floor
Sound Body

Speaking Tours
4 National Tours

Ancient Wonders
Prophetic Parallels
Secret Sixes: Subliminal Imbeds In the Movies
Prophecy Odyssey: The Nephilim & The Bottomless Pit

Audio Tape Commentaries

A Beast With Ten Horns
Abomination of Desolation/The
Ancient Wonders & Angels At War
Beast With Seven Heads Revisited/The
Chupacabras: The Devil�s Genetics
Comets & Cataclysms
Conspiracy Of Law/The
Conspiracy Of War/The
Contrails I - Death Delivered To Your Door
Daniel 11 Is Dead Ahead (4 hour tape set)
Deadly Medicine Of Dr Bill Deagle 
Deadly Wound/The
Defilement: Cultural Conformity versus Spiritual Purity
Dragonspeak - The Language Of Lucifer
Entrance into Egypt: The story of Joseph
Even he is the eighth: The anti-christ identified
False Prophet/The
For whom the HAARP tolls
God Of Forces
Gog & Magog: Invaders From The North
Image Of The Beast/The (the incorporated church)
Interview With The Antichrist - Dr. Boutros-Ghali with James Lloyd
Itching Ears: Tell Me What You Want To Hear
King Of The North -
Kingdoms Of The World Predicted/The
Letters From The Edge I & II
Leviathan: The Beast With 7 Heads
Liars For The Lord: Chris & Sharon Blodgett Story
Little Horn/The 
Mark Of The Beast/The
Murmurers in the Wilderness
Mystery Of Iniquity/The 
New World Order In Daniel
Planet X And The Powers Of The Heavens
Planetary Exodus
Portals: The Return Of The Rephaim
Postacy Club: Stan Johnson & The Prophecy Club
Preterism: An Ancient Lie Revisited, I & II (2 one hour tapes)
Prince Of America: An Examination Of The Restrainer
Print & Radio Pitfalls: The Corruption of Christian Books & Broadcasting
Prophecy Overview
Rapture Cult Update
Recognizing Christian Identity 
Remnant Of Israel/The 
Return Of The Queen Of Heaven
Riders Of The Storm: The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Sabbath Story/The
Saturn - The Shield Of Solomon
Seven Kings Have Come
Seventy Weeks of Daniel/The (4 hours)
Should Christians Pay Tribute To Caesar?
Speaking The Sacred Name
Stair Wars: The True Story Of Brother Stair
Star Of Solomon/The
Strongholds & Stumblingblocks ( Ezekiel 14) 
Kings Shall Rise
Thief Of Sardis & The Rapture Cult
Timing of Tribulation/The
Triggering The Tribulation: The Guns Of Gog
Where The Eagles Are Gathered: America and the Rapture
Whispers In The Dark: Malicious Manipulation In Ministry
Who Is Like Unto The Beast?

Music Industry - Author & Publisher

The Christian Artists� Survival Guide
How To Produce A Christian Concert
The Christian Media Directory
The Christian Music Marketing Manual
The Christian Retail Directory
The Event Sponsors� & Promoters� Directory
The International Christian Media Directory
Criminals In Christian Music

Christian Composer - Songwriter's Newsletter

Music Recordings

In The Twinkling Of An Eye - Kit & Jimmy Lloyd
Introducing Carman (his debut)
In The Eye Of The Storm - James Lloyd
CMCD Compilation CDs (6 volumes)

Creator & Producer MusiCable series in Los Angeles

Ancient Wonders

Prophecy Oddysey

Leviathan: The Beast With 7 Heads

Prophetic Parallels

Secret Sixes: Subliminal Imbeds In The Movies


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