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Please make all Checks/Money Orders payable to:
James Lloyd
PO Box 1414
Medford OR 97501

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Please Allow 4-6 Weeks For Delivery

We do not process purchase orders. Although we do NOT have a credit card payment system available, we can receive payments electronically via the Paypal system (Paypal is part of the Ebay system. To establish a Paypal account, go to All mail orders must be prepaid.  Orders are processed within about 10 days to 2 weeks from our receipt of your order (1st class mail to us is running about 7 working days), and most items (excluding health/preparedness) are shipped parcel post (which is presently running about 10 days). To rush an order, please add 10% to the total (including postpaid totals) to pay for expedited shipping. This can shorten the turnaround cycle by 10 days to 2 weeks, but please be patient as we are working as hard as we can. We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, or Precious Metals. Last but not least, please remember the truth is never tax deductible. To check on an order that is overdue, please email,

Christian Media
PO Box 1414
Medford, Oregon

Questions? 541/899/8888 or email

The Christian Media Ministry makes our materials available through gifts made to the ministry. When you help Christian Media, we reciprocate with the materials in which you've indicated an interest. Supporters of our ministry do so because they believe in the message the LORD has given us, and we seek to follow the Spiritual directive which Christ gave to the Apostle Peter, in that we seek to feed His sheep. This constitutes a contract, in that gifts we receive indicate a willingness to be instructed in the things of the LORD, as the supporting gifts we receive from the body of Christ allow us to continue in the mission He has called us to.