Sound Body’s Seven Steps To Internal Cleansing and

A Renewal of Abundant Life

Sound Body is delighted to announce System Seven — 7 steps to Internal Cleansing and a renewal of Abundant Life. System Seven is a complete herbal cleansing package, designed to systematically purge parasites, toxins, molds, and bacteria from your body.

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Designed by Susan Lenox at Sound Body, System Seven is a systematic road map to Optimum health — a 7 month long program that includes:

A broad based internal cleanse for toxins and molds, and

A broad spectrum parasite purge

System Seven then zeros in on the most stubborn parasites, through a course of herbs that attack the Candida Albicans.


The herbs are followed by a liver flush to eliminate the toxic buildup to this point, so the liver will be free to receive the next stage of the purification cycles in System Seven.


We then purge the kidneys for the same reason. Now we’re ready for the strongest cleanse, as we attack the accumulated heavy metals in our bodies.


Because the metals cleanse is the most difficult, at it’s conclusion we immediately move to the rebuilding stage, and work to re-colonize the probiotic flora that naturally help to strengthen the immune system. Simultaneously, we sharply escalate the intake of rejuvenating nutrients, and fiber, to complete the cycles.


The purging process takes 6 months, and the rebuild begins in the 7th month. From this point, the emphasis is on the maintenance of the now rebuilt system.

Using this carefully planned and structured regime you can cleanse your entire body, and enjoy optimum health. But it is very important that you understand one essential fact. The condition most people find themselves in today — filled with toxins, lethargic, with internally stressed organs — did not happen overnight. It took years.

It is crucial, therefore, to understand that restoring the body to optimum health cannot take place overnight. Although in most cases it took years to get to the condition we are in today, our deficiencies in health can be corrected in a matter of months — but it must be done carefully, and in the proper sequence.


Patience and timing are very important, and the Sound Body’s SYSTEM SEVEN will guide you, step-by-step, to the cleanest, healthiest, most energetic and robust physical experience you have had in years.



Remember, you must follow the road map, and there are no shortcuts. Indeed, the whole program has been designed to systematically provide a plan that will rid your body of toxins, molds, parasites, bacteria, and other accumulated maladies that are the underlying cause of most conditions. If you stray off the path and alter the formula, thereby breaking the synergistic timing, there is a good chance you will be disappointed.

Follow the plan. Be faithful to the decision you’ve made to take back the control of your health, and the results will speak for themselves.

SYSTEM SEVEN is a complete package, designed to take you from start to finish, step-by-step, through a cleansing of the entire body — and it’s designed to do it in the proper sequence. This methodical approach was developed so that you do not overload your system with the toxins you are eliminating. This is the safest way to detoxify and cleanse your body from the lethal accumulations we’ve all collected.

In short, SYSTEM SEVEN is the right way to go!


CleanseSmart — a natural formula of herbs, vitamins, minerals and

amino acids which support detoxification and herbal cleansing. This formula is perfect as the first round to provide a broad based cleanse that covers the entire body.

The formula used in CleanseSmart works across the boards for internal cleansing, and contains 9 concentrated extracts. The regimen consists of 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening for 30 days.

ParaGONE — After the broad spectrum CleaseSmart has paved the way

past the simple toxins and bacteria, this stronger formula is primarily aimed at parasites in the body. ParaGONE addresses the common water borne parasites such as girardia and cryptosporidium.

CandiGONE — the 3rd step in System Seven, this cleanse focuses on the

most stubborn parasite in existence, Candida. This parasite infects both genders and is one of the most resilient, so the broad spectrum cleanse rarely rids the body of Candida, but CandiGONE is specially formulated to address the parasite. 

Liver DETOX — having already addressed toxins and molds in step 1, and

parasites in step 2 and 3, we want to flush these from the liver so the key organ will absorb the deadly metals we will address in step 6. If the liver is not cleansed in this fashion, the metals will simply move elsewhere in the body. 

Kidney Cleanse — similar in function to the previous stage, we want to

remove any vestige of the toxins, bacteria, and parasites from the kidneys before the final purge. The Kidney Cleanse also clears the urinary tract so elimination is enhanced as the toxins are discharged. 

Heavy Metal Cleanse — The toughest one of all. Metals accumulate

over time, and are extremely toxic. 5 times heavier than water, they include cadmium, lead, nickel, aluminum, and mercury. Progressively accumulating, they never leave the body unless you remove them through cleansing. 


Time to replenish the body with healthy Flora and beneficial bacteria, and

balance the digestive tract to increase the nutritional results, and replenish your energy!

A. FloraSmart — An amazing Probiotic specially engineered to release its healing formula only after entering in to the intestines. The live micro organisms in Probiotics are delivered via a controlled delivery technology that is patented.

B. Deeper Greens — One of the best multi-nutrients we’ve ever used, it’s a powdered formula to drink in a blended juice. It has vitamins, minerals, and much more to provide significant nutrition and energy. 

C. FiberSmart — has natural flax and borage to enhance digestive support. Helps blood sugar, cholesterol, and helps maximize the digestion of the multi-nutrient formula.

The Story Behind


For many years, Sound Body has addressed the problems of parasites and toxins, and through radio, television, and print, we’ve encouraged people to obtain the various commercial remedies that address each of these accumulations in our bodies. As many of you know, Susan Lenox regularly broadcasts radio programs that address individual topics that are related to improving our health.

In addition to urging people to stop the practices that harm their bodies (such as using fluoride in your toothpaste, Aspertame in your foods, cooking with Microwave ovens, etc.), Susan has regularly addressed the massive amount of data showing every American has alarmingly high levels of toxins in their bodies. This is complicated by widespread parasite infections found in our environment, our food, our water and our air (to say nothing of our lifestyles). It is KILLING us.

Thus, Sound Body has pressed forward in research, education, and distribution of many of the better herbal remedies that address these problems. Over the years, we’ve noticed that many people tend to purchase one herbal cleanse, and then after a 30 day treatment, simply lapse back into their old habits, thus neutralizing any favorable results. Even worse, they fail to follow up on any positive results they’ve experienced, by not utilizing any additional cleansing program.

Simultaneously, we’ve noted how people need structure and guidance on a long term basis. They have a lot of enthusiasm in the beginning, but after the first product purchase, or two, they tend to lose direction. We realize they need a plan. When you join a gym, you usually sign up for a year (or at least 6 months), and this helps to regulate your involvement. It’s the same with stop smoking clinics, or other behaviour modification programs designed to help us change our bad habits.

We see the various nationally known weight loss programs that design your menu, ship you only the food you need, and regulate your intake. The reason this type of program works is because they give you a plan, and they reason with you, so that you will know that if you follow the plan, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.


System Seven was designed along the same lines. An effective detoxification strategy can eliminate threats to your health, and allow the body to metabolize nourishment much more effectively — energizing your life processes.


Although every person has countless variables in their conditions (such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc.), EVERYONE has Parasites, and EVERYONE has toxins. Almost any adjacent condition will improve if you get better nutrition and/or lose some weight, but the Parasites are stealing your nutrition! Many physicians now believe this is the number one problem. The simple truth is, cleaner and healthier living begins from the inside out. 

The Door Is Open

This is the time for System Seven. Now available for the first time, Sound Body will shepherd you through the process of a systematic internal cleanse, and a renewed cycle of consuming nutrients, enzymes, flora and fiber that will move you into better health. And along the way, you’ll be learning as well.

In reality, we’ve been using this sequential herbal cycle personally, for many years, but it’s never been formalized into a system that was available to the public. With the introduction of System Seven, that has all changed.

And...we’ve made it very affordable. At just $328 (the shipping cost is included), System Seven is actually less than if you purchased each of the herbal components individually.

Additionally, as part of your System Seven enrollment you will receive written instructions, and Online Email Support for questions that may arise.

We look forward to being involved in helping you to change your life for the better.

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